Taichi Sword


6bTaichi Sword

Tai chi sword is known as the “king of the short range weapons” for Tai chi. At an overall length of about 3 feet, The double edged sword is a good tool to use to judge overall Tai chi proficiency of the player, as any mistakes in the tai chi movements are made visible in the tip of the blade.The sword is a natural amplifier, which consistently and impartially reflects the mistakes of its user. If the swordsman’s grip and cut are incorrect, his sword may wobble, or even ring. When the position of his wrist is wrong by one inch, the tip of the blade may be wrong by one foot.

If his body movement is slightly incorrect, a good sword helps to make that obvious; with a tassel, even more so. The Sword As Stated Before Is Around 3 Feet Long With A Double Edge Blade Ranging From 28 To 30 Inches Long And Is 1-1/2 To 2 Inches Wide.
The Handle Potion Is Around 9 Inches.
The Top 1/3rd Or More Of The Blade And The Tip Are Sharpened.
In The End Of The Hilt There Is A Hole Which Is Used To Attach A Sword Knot Or Tassel Which Is Usually Red And Works As A Sort Of Distraction Of Sorts To Your Opponent.

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